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अंग्रेजी शब्दावली महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न सभी परीक्षा के लिए भाग 1

1. Inimical (Adj): Tending To Obstruct Or Harm.
(हानिकार, विद्वेषपूर्ण) 
Synonyms: Detrimental, Deleterious, Pernicious, Calamitous 
Antonyms: Advantageous, Favorable, Friendly, Hospitable 
Example: As Long As The Two Countries Remain Inimical, There Will Never Be A Treaty Between Them.

2. Sacrilege (Noun): An Act Of Great Disrespect Shown To God Or To Sacred Ideas, People, Or Things.
(पवित्र वस्तुओं का अनादर) 
Synonyms: Desecration, Profanity, Blasphemy, Impiety 
Antonyms: Adoration, Glorification, Worship 
Example: Spitting On The Temple Floor Would Be A Great Sacrilege.

3. Iron Hand (Idiom): Stern Or Rigorous Control.
(कठोर नियंत्रण) 
Synonyms: Oppressive, Stringent, Ruthless, Strict 
Antonyms: Humble, Submissive, Meek, Compassionate 
Example: Despite The Government’S Iron Hand, Street Crime Is Surging.

4. Mayhem (Noun): Violent Or Extreme Disorder; Chaos.
(अफरा-तफरी, खलबली) 
Synonyms: Bedlam, Pandemonium, Tumult, Uproar, Turmoil 
Antonyms: Peace, Calm, Harmony, Order 
Example: Mayhem Filled The Arena As Shots Rang Out And People Tried To Escape From All Exits.

5. Defilement (Noun): Process Of Making Unclean And Impure.
(दूषित करना, मैला करना) 
Synonyms: Contamination, Befoulment, Debasement, Adulteration 
Antonyms: Purification, Consecration, Sanctification, Immaculate 
Example: The Heinous Defilement Of Their Most Sacred Site.

6. Abhorrent (Adj): Causing Or Deserving Strong Dislike Or Hatred.
(घिनौना, घृणित) 
Synonyms: Detestable, Loathsome, Obnoxious, Repugnant 
Antonyms: Admirable, Palatable, Appreciative, Pleasant 
Example: As I Looked Around The Filthy Apartment, I Had To Wonder Who Could Live In Such Abhorrent Conditions.

7. Punitive (Adj): Inflicting, Involving, Or Aiming At Punishment.
Synonyms: Disciplinary, Castigatory, Penalising, Retaliatory 
Antonyms: Rewarding, Exculpating, Exonerating, Vindicating 
Example: Any Misbehavior Was Immediately Met With A Punitive Response

8. Uphold (Verb): Confirm Or Support (Something Which Has Been Questioned).
(कायम रखना, समर्थन करना) 
Synonyms: Sustain, Support, Endorse, Advocate, Espouse 
Antonyms: Abandon, Oppose, Deny, Contradict 
Example: The Court Of Appeals Upheld His Conviction. Related: Upheld, Upheld

9. Offend (Verb): Commit An Illegal Act, Cause To Feel Upset, Annoyed, Or Resentful.
(अपराध करना, अपमान करना) 
Synonyms: Infringe, Transgress, Scandalise, Affront, Disrespect, 
Antonyms: Delight, Flatter, Please, Obey 
Example: Since This Is The First Time You've Offended, We'll Let You Off With A Fine. Related: Offended, Offended

10. Leniency (Noun): Kind, Gentle, Or Compassionate Treatment Especially Towards Someone Who Is Undeserving Of It.
(उदारता, ढिलाई) 
Synonyms: Clemency, Lenity, Mercy, Forbearance 
Antonyms: Cruelty, Atrocity, Viciousness, Vengeance 
Example: Since He Had No History Of Priors, The Thief Begged The Judge For Some Leniency.

11. Statute (noun): A written law passed by a legislative body. 
(क़ानून, विधान) 
Synonyms: Ordinance, Regulation, Decree, Law, Act 
Example:The salaries of most federal workers are set by statute.

12. Bestiality (noun):Savagely cruel or depraved behaviour./copulation of person with an animal . 
(वहशीता, पशुगमन) 
Synonyms:Brutality, Savagery, Barbarity, Depravity 
Antonyms:Kindness, Nobility, Beneficence, Compassion 
Example:I was shocked by the bestiality of their behaviour.

13. Felon (noun):A criminal who has committed a serious crime. 
Synonyms:Malefactor, Delinquent, Crook, Culprit 
Antonyms:Innocent, Guiltless, Blameless 
Example:The penalties for a felon being found in possession of a gun can be severe

14. Chattel (noun):(in general use) a personal possession. 
(जंगम संपत्ति) 
Synonyms:Paraphernalia, Property, Movables, Belongings, Possessions 
Antonyms:Immovables, Real Estate 
Example:She packed up all her chattels and moved to a new state.

15. Tenement (noun):A neglected and overcrowded apartment building. 
(रहने की जगह, घर) 
Synonyms:Condominium, Lodging, Flat, Apartment, Dwelling 
Example:The tenement building is in such disrepair it should be demolished by the city.

16. Ecclesiastical (adj):Belonging to or connected with the Christian religion or church. 
(ईसाई धर्म संबंधी, गिरिजाघर संबंधी) 
Synonyms:Sacerdotal, Canonical, Priestly, Churchly, Clerical 
Antonyms:Secular, Non-Sectarian , Non-Clerical 
Example :In order to be married in the church, our wedding vows needed to follow the ecclesiastical views of marriage.

17. Apparent (noun):Clearly visible or understood. 
(स्पष्ट, प्रत्यक्ष) 
Synonyms: Manifest, Discernible, Perceptible , Perceivable, Evident 
Antonyms:Obscure, Vague, Unclear, Dubious 
Example:She laughed for no apparent reason.

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